Sunday, 17 November 2013

Introducing-The Twelve Days Of Christmas Nail Art

I've finalised the list for my Christmas nail art link up, so I just thought I'd share it here too! If you're interested in joining in then visit the Facebook group here. There are 12 prompts running throughout December but you are free to do as many or as few as you like, and all are welcome whether you celebrate Christmas or not!

Here's the prompt list:

I'm quite excited now, my head is full of ideas already, haha!

See you there,

~Nail Art Novice~


  1. Hi Jenni great idea I have joined the facebook group for the challenge I cannot wait to give these a try hehe.
    I have also followed you and I would love it if you could follow me back :) festive hugs xxx

  2. Hi Jenni! Loving this idea, I've joined your facebook group and I can't wait to get started on these. It will be good to see what everyone else comes up with too! I have also given you a follow, would love it if you could follow me back :) Thanks for doing this :) xxx


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