Thursday, 12 September 2013

Paisley Patterns

Hello lovelies! Rara here again!

I wanted to try something fairly difficult on my nails this week so I decided upon some paisley prints. I only used two polishes-which for me is absolutely nothing-I normally have at least 4 on the go at once!  I used Sinful Colors-Easy Going (which is a really nice pale pink) and then my Andrea Fulerton Dot and Flick-in case no-one has noticed this is my favourite nail art accessory, it is SO easy to use when drawing on nails and the formula is really nice. They've just stopped selling it in Superdrug =( so I've had to go to Amazon to stock up with another four!
All I did for this mani was to freehand the design on. I was quite impressed with the overall effect.

As you can tell my left hand is much better than my right (bottom picture) but I'm blaming my broken wrist as I still don't have the same amount of 'squeeze' in my hand as I did before I fractured it and it often shake more now when doing dainty/detailed things.
I hope you all like it-lots of people have asked me if they're transfers so I suppose that's good as they obviously look quite neat!

Next weekend I will be doing a nail varnish party for 7 girls and I am really excited about it-hopefully I will do a blog about that too =)

Until then, 



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