Saturday, 20 September 2014

Polish of the Week: A-England-Iseult

Hello loves! How's your weekend going?

I've got another POTW today in the form of A-England-Iseult. I have used this polish on the blog before but I don't mind an excuse to do so again-I am always surprised by how pretty it is. Iseult is a very pale pink polish with a silvery shimmer to it-very delicate and pretty. I used it as the base for my cloud mani today and used Freckles Polish holos over the top in Purple Planters Punch and Blue Hawaii.

Please excuse my poor ring finger-in the last week I've had really bad breaks on both my ring fingers so I've had to bring all my other nails down a bit to match-sigh!

Ohhh it looks so sad and nubbiny =(

I really like the way the light catches these-those holos are gorgeous colours and Iseult is the perfect base for them I reckon. I love the rainbows/shimmers you can see on my thumb nail pic! It's a really girly mani but actually I don't mind it, for once!

What do you reckon?

~Nail Art Novice~

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